Saturday, 28 January 2012

Release date and Price of Samsung Galaxy Note Unveiled..?

In recent reports, Samsung Galaxy Note release schedule was reportedly hinted. It will reportedly use the device by Samsung company against Apple iPad 3 (NASDAQ: AAPL). It is reported that iPad 3 will be unveiled next month and will available in the market by March. Although earlier observers noted the Samsung Galaxy tablet will the main competitor for this upcoming Tablet from Apple.

Samsung Galaxy will have Super AMOLED HD with 5.3 inches display and will come with a stylus S Pen. Reports had hinted the release of " Samsung Galaxy Note" from 18 February. Will be provided by AT&T (NYSE: T) and will use LTE network from service provider. It will be priced about 300 dollars under a two-year service contract.

Even as the reported release date and price uncertain, the source for the report were very precise in previous reports with respect to AT&T. Although considered "Samsung Galaxy Note” as smart phone, has led to large screen size to the fact that the device is small tablet.

It seems that Samsung device finds to be in a niche between smartphones and tablets. Currently most Android Smartphones have a screen size of about 4.5 inches while tablets have a screen size of at least eight inches.

Screen size of these devices is too large to appeal to users of the Smartphone and 5.3 inches "Samsung Galaxy" will resume display to users who are looking for larger screens on these smart phones.

Reports have suggested the possibility that the camera on the back of iPad 3 will be enhanced and that uses the Web width and quad-core and the linkage LTE. Most of these features are already on the "Samsung Galaxy Note" with the exception of quad-core processors.


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