Friday, 17 February 2012

Galaxy Tab 7.7 is upgraded version of Tab 7

The Galaxy Tab 7 was a good and beautiful tablet. Apple company has been pursuing some legal action against Samsung for some time now to pointing the Galaxy Tab is clearly an iPad genetic copy, it was a good iPad clone. To win favor from critics and audiences, the Samsung continuous to tweak their flagship tablet in order though Galaxy hasnot take a huge success in the market. Samsung is moving the device to something unique instead of iPad-clone-territory.

The first attempt of Samsung to upgrade 7 tab was with Galaxy tab 7 plus. Galaxy Tab 7 Plus was more featured than original, including originally run update Android Honeycomb (which aims to use Tablet better than its predecessor) and hardware improved specs (dual core 1.2 GHz processor, a gig of RAM, and 720p HD video recording, 1080p playback on videos and improve network). It also similar featured of hardware from the device the first line. Besides these improvements plus 7 is essentially the same device as 7, lead many consumers feel is simply not worth the upgrade.

The Samsung hopes that they have put out a new tablet worth upgrading to the Galaxy Tab 7.7, and in many ways they did just that. 7.7 features to improve the dual processor 1.4 GHz, providing palette considerably improve performance compared to many of its competitors. 7.7 provide a smoother, more intuitive and advanced OS to work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich than the 7 Plus Honeycomb. While all this improved processing power is certainly welcome, you can see the upgrade "Galaxy tab" 7-7 in the Super AMOLED plus screen width and resolution of bump up to 1280 × 800 pixels. Display specifications have become increasingly important in the mobile market, with the next generation of smart phones and tablets to sell themselves mainly on sharp and vibrant screen how they can provide. The Galaxy tab 7.7 earns high grad with the screen extraordinarily pretty and processing improving specifications which were necessary to maintain this higher resolution running in a smooth section.

The Galaxy tab 7.7 is generally real advance to the original Galaxy tab 7 and deserves promotion for early adopters, and worth checking out for consumers who have found themselves in waiting for Android Tablet PC with a little more kick.


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