Sunday, 5 February 2012

European Union's Hesitations about Google Privacy Policy.

EU (European Union) officials have asked Google search engine authorities to postpone start out of the new policy to take a call on the issue due to increasing concerns regarding the new Privacy policy,.

EU officials are not sure that whether new privacy policy conforms to the data protection laws in Europe. The recent meeting between Google staff, legislators criticized that intense and Google interview about privacy policies.

However, most experts believe that this issue is not new. It is now common practice adopted by search giants, surreptitiously extract data from the user profile, click stream tracking data. This program reads and saves Internet surfing patterns of customers. This is for marketers to provide data on client preferences without consumer awareness about storm face unknowingly.

Google a term included in the privacy policy, which says that the acceptance of this policy is to accept users to Exchange personal data about their preferences. This has aroused resentment among many with many insist that they not only have the right to intervene in consumer privacy, as doing so may anger the client.


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