Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pakistan and Google Signs to Promote Historical Sites

Pakistani (Punjab) Authorities and Google has signed an agreement to use the "Google maps" to promote historical and tourist sites across the most populous province of Punjab.

Government of Punjab province and Google Inc yesterday a memo of accepting for collaboration in the field of information technology at the software technology park in Lahore known Arfa Karim.

Under the agreement, Google will strengthen the historical and tourist sites on internet, especially "Google maps" to promote awareness worldwide about the heritage of Punjab.

Allah Bakhsh Malik the Secretary of Punjab Tourism Department and William Fitzgerald Google Asia signed a memorandum of understanding.

Shahbaz Sharif  the Chief Minister said access to the historical and tourist sites from Punjab through Google will enhance awareness of modern and ancient city of Lahore's historical and cultural heritage of the province.

"There are a number of projects for Government of Punjab Google Inc that can provide information to the peoples of the world".

Fitzgerald said the interaction between Government of Punjab and Google Inc in the field of information technology was a good start.

It also has Google Inc in relief to people affected by the floods of 2010, he said.

Access to the historical and tourist sites of the Punjab online will awareness worldwide about the cultural tradition and civilization of Punjab.

Fitzgerald said the agreement marked the beginning of mutual interaction between the Government of Punjab and Google Inc.


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